The Small Business Development Certificate Program is designed to prepare students to
properly set up a business or organization and develop a solid business and marketing plan.
Students will also have the opportunity to gain good marketing and accounting practices
while they learn how to properly maintain that organization’s finances and corporate image.
Small Business Development certificate-seeking students are trained to be successful
economically when representing and fulfilling the mission of their organization, as well
as represent the Kingdom of God. After completing this certificate program, students are
equipped to intelligently and responsibly the ground work for a successful business or

BUS 101  - Properly Structuring Your Business 3 Credits

BUS 110 - Accounting Solutions for the Savvy, Christian Business Owner 3 Credits

BUS 111 - Fine-Tuning Your Brand, Part I 3 Credits

MIN 221 - Developing Christian Leaders   --OR --  MIN 221 - Developing Christian Leaders

BUS 112 - Fine-Tuning Your Brand, Part II 3 Credits

BUS 114 - Putting Your Business’ Best Face Forward 3 Credits

MAT 120 - Business Finance 3 Credits

Electives (please select one)

OTCE 101 - Business Etiquette from a Christian Perspective 3 Credits

SPH 110 - Speech Communications 3 Credits

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