General Admissions


More Than Conquerors College is an equal opportunity Christian educational institution which admits qualified applicants regardless of gender, ethic group, age, handicap status, or veteran status.
A qualified applicant is described as a person who meets the following general admissions requirements along with the specific requirements for the program that he/she will pursue. The general admissions requirements are as follows:
1. Each applicant must be at least 18 years of age.
2. Each applicant must be a born-again believer. The applicant is expected to read and adhere to the institutional Statement of Faith.
3. Each applicant must have adequate means of paying his/her tuition and fees as MTCC does not offer financial aid, grants, or student loans at this time. Payment plans are available to assist the student.
4. Each applicant must properly complete all required admissions paperwork.
5. Each applicant must attend the New Student Orientation.

The Application/Registration Period:
MTCC operates on a semester system so that applicants may apply and register during open registration during those periods in a calendar year.  Contact the Registrar for details regarding the application and registration process.

Transfer Credits:
Official transcripts must be submitted to the admissions office for preliminary evaluation during the administration process. At the Bachelor level, transfer credits will be considered only for those courses in which the student received a C or higher. A student in the process of completing a degree at another institution may take MTCC courses as a non-matriculated student, pending completion of the degree from the other institution. Upon receipt of official transcripts and verification of graduation, the student may become matriculated into a MTCC degree program and receive transfer credits for all previous work completed, assuming the courses meet MTCC academic standards.

Educational Qualifications for Acceptance:

An applicant for a college level degree must be a high school graduate, or be able to present a Certificate of Eligibility demonstrating successful completion of the General Education Development (GED) test. An applicant to the college must be able to submit official transcripts indicating previous course work and degree(s) awarded for consideration of transfer credits.

General Education Requirements:
Those applicants seeking admission into a Bachelor of Arts degree program in Christian Ministry must follow all application guidelines. Transcripts of previous General Education courses must be submitted within 90 days of enrollment, and will be evaluated by the Registrar. Only those courses with grades C and above will be counted toward the credit requirements. For those who seek the Bachelors of Arts degree in Christian Ministry and possess an MTCC Associates degree will enter the program as a Junior status. If the perspective student has acquired additional academic credits this information will be evaluated by the Registrar.
General Education courses are offered at MTCC and must be completed before starting the core subject areas. It is required that all courses general and core are satisfactorily completed to receive a degree diploma.