The School of Bible Program is a one-year certificate program. Upon successful completion of all requirements for this one-year program, the student will obtain a Diploma in Basic Bible Curriculum. This program in itself may serve as a catalyst for a greater more intimate walk with God and provide the student with tools for more productive Bible study. This program may also serve as the initial step toward further structured theological study.

The School of Bible Program is measured in Continuing Education Units or CEUs. One CEU is equal to 10 contact or in-class hours. A total of 45 CEUs or 450 contact hours is required for completion of this one-year program. The School of Bible curriculum has been designed so that full-time students may complete the program in one year by enrolling in and successfully completing all courses listed on the School of Bible yearly course schedule. Part-time students who do not desire to complete the School of Bible program in one year may pursue study at their own pace.

BIB 101 Introduction to the Old Testament 4.5 CEUs
BIB 104 The Book of Revelation 4.5 CEUs
THE 110 Basic Bible Teaching 4.5 CEUs
THE 131 Person and Works of the Holy Spirit I 4.5 CEUs
PC 130 Authority of the Believer 1.5 CEUs
PC 150 Marriage and the Family 1.5 CEUs
PC 155 Youth Ministry 1.5 CEUs
ORI 100 Mandatory-New Student Orientation 1.5 CEU’sTotal Continuing Education Units (CEUs) in the Fall Semester 24 CEUs

BIB 102 Introduction to the New Testament 4.5 CEUs
BIB 200 Genesis 4.5 CEUs
THE 132 Person and Works of the Holy Spirit II 4.5 CEUs
PPW 101 Introduction to Prayer, Praise, and Worship 4.5 CEUs
FIN 110 Personal Stewardship 1.5 CEUs
PC 118 Principles of Witnessing 1.5 CEUs
PC 140 Bible Study Concepts 1.5 CEUs
Total Continuing Education Units (CEUs) in the Spring Semester 22.50 CEUs
Total Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for the program 46.5 CEU