• Earn college credit from the comfort of your home!

  • Medical Coding Classes and online classes are now available through the Distance Learning Program

The Distance Learning Program will operate on the same academic schedule of the college.  If you live in the Charlotte area then you must take your exams on campus.  If you live outside the city of Charlotte you must obtain a qualified Proctor.  Please find enclosed in this package the Proctor Approval Forms.  These forms must be filled out prior to you starting your program.  To assist you along the way a Faculty Advisor will be assigned to you.  This Advisor will keep you on tract as you move towards graduation. 

All course work and materials will be mailed from the Registrars office to ensure that each student receives their assignments in a timely matter.  Any late mailings will be noted in the Registrars office and conveyed to the Dean of Academics. 

All Distance Learning students near and far will be required to attend graduation here at More Than Conquerors College.  Please keep note of this information as you approach that day as this is mandatory. 

for any questions, please feel free to call the Registrars office at (704) 679-9122.