The School of Broadcasting is a one year certificate program. It was established
to prepare students specifically in the field of television production. In the current
program, students are instructed in all phases of television production. After
successfully completing this course of study, a student is equipped for an entry level
position at any television production facility or to be a significant asset to the television
production of their church or ministry.

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Program Curricula

BRO 100 The Evolution of Media
This introductory session starts the pathway to production with open discussions and media basics including: Media “Kings and Rulers” The power of the media Media’s influence on society The evolution of media Understanding media standards and platforms Cables and connectors

BRO 101 Making Pretty Pictures
Working in Television Production and Digital Filmmaking means that your project will likely be captured through a camera of some sort. In these sessions, students will learn about: Choosing the right format Cameras and models Identifying the parts of the camera Tripods Camera controls and functions Shots and framing Video shading Camera platforms (steadicams, jibs, GoPros) Grip/Utility (over and under techniques)

 BRO 102 Say What?
As the joke goes, Television with no picture is simply “radio.” It could also be said that filmmaking with no audio is simply a “silent movie.” The “Say What?” course explores: Audio – what is it? Using sound to tell a story Acoustical environments Monitoring your audio Recording sound (mics, mixers, and recorders)

BRO 103 Let there be light
These sessions take the students through: The effects of lighting in video production Lighting environments (natural vs. artificial) Lighting do’s and don’ts Three point lighting

BRO 104 Capture, storage and playback (Production Truck Tour)
With today’s technological advancements, particularly in sports and live broadcasting events, many scenes and images are captured, stored and played back electronically. To get a better understanding, the students take a tour of a Mobile Production Truck to get a closer look at: Tape machines Timecode, logging and off lining Waveform monitors and vectorscopes DNF controller operation EVS controller operation Drivers, discs and media cards

BRO 105 Live and Remote
These “Who’s Who” sessions include a Production Control Room Tour to help define and explain the various jobs and positions needed in Television Production, throughout the courses students learn about: Press check in – credentials Truck bays – stadium cabling – Broadcasting booth – media rooms The Big Three: Producer – Director – Tech Director Who’s Who in the control room Basic switcher operation

BRO 106 Digital Filmmaking
Journey Thru Production Storytelling – script writing Scene breakdown – shoot schedules Creating the project budget Scouting – Licenses, rights and permits Daily call sheets Staging – blocking – continuity

BRO 107 Non Linear Editing
The heartbeat of Post Production, these sessions teach the beginning basics of video editing. Included are: Capturing, importing and viewing footage Working with timelines Using transition Adding graphics, titles and effects Rendering and exporting projects Creating DVD’s and videos for the web

BRO 108 Introducing Adobe An introduction to Adobe Photoshop An introduction to Adobe Aftereffects